Best Chest Freezer For Ice Bath

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Isn’t it annoying emptying the household freezer to convert it into an ice bath? What about the frozen food which you have kept in it?

If you’re tired of trying all the stupid hacks to turn your freezer into a water bath, buy a chest freezer for an ice bath.

A chest freezer is designed uniquely to fulfill your small freezing needs. However, it may not be designed to hold thousands of liters of water, but worthier enough for an ice bath.

Since this is handy, you don’t need to bother about emptying it and storing frozen food anywhere.

The only hassle you have is searching for the best chest freezer for an ice bath. Don’t worry; we sorted out this searching puzzle too.

After digging out too many models, reading reviews, features, pricing, and more, we concluded the list of the ten best chest freezers for an ice bath.

Now, you’ll be able to easily choose a model that suits your needs and budget perfectly.

Best Chest Freezer For Ice Bath

I’ve listed the best chest freezer for ice baths. Read the reviews and decide which product you have decided to buy from the list.

1. KoolMore SCF-20C Chest Freezer

Very compact and designed for all-purpose usage. You can use this chest freezer to store vegetables, meats, and frozen food items.

This freezer has a 20 Cu.ft storage capacity to store a variety of food. The 1.5 hp compressor helps to maintain a consistent temperature in the cabinet.

Thanks to the eco-friendly R600a refrigerant that helps to maintain a temperature between 0-8°F.

Additionally, it features a lockable lid design, which is a great way to prevent unauthorized access and protect your meats and other dishes.

This product comes with smooth-rolling caster wheels with which you can move easily in any direction.

What’s best is you get a one-year parts warranty on the freezer, which keeps you worry-free from the hassles of repairing and replacement.


  • Quick freezing and has a versatile design.
  • Excellent to store frozen and pre-packed food material.
  • Easy to move and has a lockable lid design.
  • Consistent cabinet temperature to keep things fresh for longer.


  • Cleaning is not easy and prone to dents.

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2. Kelvinator KCCF210WH Solid Top Chest Freezer

Try this model if you need a commercial-grade chest freezer for restaurants and others. With 21 cubic feet capacity, it is worthier enough to store food items in bulk.

Features with a sealed cabinet interior where you can keep all the things securely. The lift-up lid lock design allows you to open and close the freezer quickly.

This freezer has a self-contained refrigerator system and removable bumper guards. 

A heavy-duty removable wire basket is reliable enough to keep extra items. This freezer comes with an adjustable temperature controller, which allows you to adjust the temperature accordingly.

The internal temperature display allows you to monitor the temperature. It comes with defrost drain and plug to ensure mess-free cleaning of the fridge. Overall, this would be the best to have at this price range.


  • Heavy-duty removable basket for extra storage space.
  • Adjustable temperature controller to quickly set temperature.
  • Easy defrosting without any messy spilling issues.
  • Extra-large storage capacity to store things.


  • No LED Light inside the freezer.

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3. Frigidaire FFFC20M4TW Chest Freezer

This is one of the finest chest freezers for an ice bath. Like any other freezer model, you get adjustable temperature control which lets you adjust the temperature according to the need.

It comes with a lock, pop-out key, and color-coordinated handle, which lets you operate it very easily.

There is a LED Lighting in the freezer, which allows you to see what you have kept in the freezer.

Thanks to its adjustable baskets in which you can store extra food. The defrost water quickly drains off water from the freezer and ensures easy cleaning.

It features wheels that allow you to shift the freezer here and there without effort. So, if you are looking for a space-saver design, it’s worth buying.


  • Maximum storage space to keep your frozen items.
  • Adjustable temperature controlling knob.
  • Removable basket to keep extra things.
  • Easy to use and mess-free cleaning.


  • The basket divider is missing from the freezer.

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4. Maxx Cold Subzero Chest Freezer

Need a versatile and highly spacious chest freezer? Here you go with Maxx Cold Subzero freezer.

This model has a 23.6 cubic feet capacity to store a large amount of food in the freezer without any hassles.

The sturdier lockable lid design keeps the door enclosed completely to maintain the ideal temperature.

Not only spacious, but this product also comes with an adjustable temperature feature and durable compressor that allows you to maintain a temperature between 0° to 11°F. 

The best thing about this freezer is it can maintain the temperature for two days even if there is a power surge.

The frozen door comes with a dual split locking lid that secures the content into the freeze and maintains the ideal temperature.

On top of this, you get an interior wire basket where you can organize extra food. 


  • Environment-friendly foam insulation to retain the temperature.
  • Oversized design to store food for longer.
  • Energy-efficient refrigeration system.
  • Extra basket to store frozen food.


  • Not for small space homes.

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5. KoolMore SCF-16C Deep Chest Freezer

This freezer model can serve all-purpose such as ice baths and storing frozen food items. It has a versatile design which is why it is perfect for storing vegetables, meats, frozen food, and other things.

It provides 15.9 cubic feet of space, which is sufficient to handle small food storage needs. You can even keep your pre-prepared meals in it.

This freezer features a 1/5 hp compressor, allowing you to maintain the ideal temperature.

Moreover, it comes with an eco-friendly R600a refrigerant that effortlessly keeps the freezer cool for longer and maintains the perfect temperature.

Also, the frozen door has a lockable lid design that prevents unwanted access to the freezer and locks the cooling for longer if you are on a budget and need the best deep chest freezer for an ice bath; hang over this model.


  • Protect frozen goods to them last longer into the freeze.
  • Smooth-rolling caster wheels to move the freezer. 
  • Commercial style storage space.
  • Contact temperature to keep the things fresh and cool last longer.


  • The legs are wobbly.

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6. Koolatron 7 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer

The stylish design and compact size made this freezer worthier for homes and small restaurants. This model offers a 7.0 cubic feet capacity, which is sufficient enough to keep vegetables, meats, and other frozen items efficiently.

The freezer has a removable basket where you can keep small items such as ice creams, frozen fruits, and others. With this basket, you will be able to organize the space in the freezer.

The freeze offers an energy-efficient cooling system and comes with compressor technology having CFC-free coolant that helps maintain an ideal temperature between 0°C and -24°C.

Due to this, you will be able to store things for several days without losing freshness. Overall, this chest freezer is worthier enough for small homes and cafés.


  • External thermostat to set the temperature.
  • Defrosting drain with an external plug to drain water.
  • Energy-efficient cooling technology that locks freshness for longer.
  • Basket to store frozen food.


  • Small space doesn’t fit for extreme food storage.

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7. Frigidaire FFCS0722AW Chest Freezer

If you need a portable chest freezer for the home, you can try the Frigidaire chest freezer. The total carrying capacity is 7.2 cubic feet, sufficient to handle frozen food for several days.

There is an external temperature control system with which you can easily maintain the temperature to keep your items cool.

Due to this external temperature control system, you don’t need to open the freezer repeatedly. Therefore, maintain the ideal temperature for longer.

It features a power-on indicator light with which you can easily monitor the freezer’s status.

The freezer has a manual defrost system, quickly draining excess water without spillage. Also, the lockable lid design offers you hassle-free operation.


  • Instant cooling and quick freezing technology.
  • 7.2 cubic feet storage capacity to store the maximum amount of food.
  • Temperature adjusting feature to maintain the ideal temperature.
  • Defrosting is a breeze.


  • Difficult to move due to the absence of wheels.

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8. Midea 7 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer

This is probably an excellent choice to store vegetables, frozen food items, and ice creams. Its built-in door hinge allows you to handle the door with one hand instead of two.

This freezer features Midea D+ System, which ensures strong and fast cooling. Plus, there is a removable wire basket where you store extra food without making a mess.

The basket also helps to organize everything in the place. The inner side of the freeze is made with aluminum which is easy to clean and helps maintain cooling for a longer time.

The recessed handle is helpful to close and open the door of the freeze very easily. In addition to this, the freeze has adjustable legs, so you will easily adjust the freeze’s height.

Due to adjustable legs, you can even keep it firmly on uneven surfaces without any issues.


  • Extra space to store food and has a compact design.
  • Removable wire basket for extra space.
  • Lockable lid design for locking the door securely and retaining cooling longer.
  • Easy to clean and mess-free defrosting.


  • Slightly heavier than other models.

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9. Arctic King 7 cu ft Chest Freezer

The Arctic is a portable yet budget-friendly chest freezer with an anterior plating system. Due to interior plating, it is easy to clean.

Along with this, you get a detachable basket where you can easily keep extra food items.

There is a removable gasket that helps to keep your freezer clean and hygienic. The freezer comes with a 7 cubic feet capacity, so you have ample space to keep your food items.

In addition to this, this chest freezer has seven shelves where you can organize things conveniently.

Besides that, the shelves are helpful to keep the food items in an organized way. The adjustable temperature controlling feature is helpful to maintain the ideal temperature.

The temperature controlling knob is present outside the freezer, so you can adjust the temperature without opening the freezer.


  • The Interior plate is made with aluminum which is easy to clean.
  • Storage baskets offer ample space to store food.
  • Easy to clean and quick cooling technology.
  • Compact size freezer that fits anywhere.


  • Bulkier design and no wheels included.

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10. Smad 7 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer

This chest freezer is an energy-efficient design and noise-free operation great for storing frozen food, vegetables, and other things.

The high-efficient cooling technology ensures fast and effective cooling that helps to maintain the freshness for longer.

The cold compressor allows you to maintain -4℉. This compact-size freezer is sufficient to store around 280 lbs of meat and frozen food.

In addition to this, you get an adjustable thermostat to set the temperature. The freezer comes with auto-hold door hinges, which are pretty helpful for hand-free usage.

Moreover, the freezer comes with a removable basket which enhances the storage space and allows you to store things properly in the freezer. This would be best for small cafés, restaurants, and homes.


  • Ergonomic design and noise-free operation.
  • Instant cooling technology to keep things cool for longer.
  • External temperature control system for hassle-free temperature setting.
  • Auto-hold door hinges.


  • Defrosting is not smooth.

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A chest freezer is not just for ice baths but also serves as your countertop freezer to store frozen food.

You’ve made up your mind about your favorite chest freezer model if you’re here.

Some of the freezers listed here are extremely versatile and loaded with various automatic operating features.

We also included budget options that fit your pocket without digging a hole into it. If you’re buying any model, don’t forget to mention it in the comment below. Have a happy purchase.

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