Can you Grind Coffee in a Magic Bullet? | Step by Step Guide

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Can you grind coffee in a Magic Bullet? Yes, you can grind coffee beans in your Magic Bullet. All you need is a Magic Bullet flat blade.

It is a common question that must have crossed your mind when looking for tools for grinding coffee. As an avid coffee lover, you understand that grinding coffee is an essential part of coffee making.

Consistently ground coffee beans give you a rich and flavorful cup of coffee every time. Usually, a medium-coarse ground is just what you need for getting the richness in your coffee. In case your coffee grounds do not have a uniform texture. You won’t be able to get the authentic flavor of the coffee.

But before finding out how can a Magic Bullet grind coffee. Let’s understand what a Magic Bullet is precise.

What is a Magic Bullet Blender?

Magic Bullet blender is a small-sized blender. You can use it for making a single serving of a smoothie. Due to its small size, you can also use it as a personal blender. Besides, you can use it for pretty much doing the same tasks that you do in a food processor.

It comes with a cross blade for chopping, grating, and blending foods. Simultaneously, the flat blade of a Magic Bullet is great for whipping cream and grinding hard coffee beans.

What makes the magic bullet so great is its affordable price. Also, the magic bullet is an excellent choice for someone looking for an easy-to-handle coffee grinder. You get to have decent coffee grinds without spending an outrageous amount of money.

How to grind coffee beans without a coffee grinder?

There are two ways you can grind coffee beans without a coffee grinder. Firstly, by using a blender and secondly by using a rolling pin. Between the two, the blender is a much easy way to grind the beans to a good consistency. But, remember, you won’t get a uniform texture of coffee grinds.

In comparison to a blender, using a rolling pin is a more labor-intensive process. It would be best if you put the beans in a plastic bag. All you need to have a rolling pin to press down the beans. These beans make excellent French press coffee.

All these methods are helpful for people who don’t have a proper coffee grinder in their homes. Instead, they prefer using unconventional methods for grinding coffee.

The magic bullet also remains a very popular choice for grinding coffee beans. You can quickly get coarse to a fine grind of coffee using a magic bullet.

How can magic bullet grind coffee beans?

You need to follow three simple steps for grinding coffee beans in a magic bullet.

Step 1: Use a Flat Blade

The magic bullet comes along with several accessories. For grinding coffee beans, you need to attach a flat blade to the magic bullet. It is because a cross blade is not appropriate for grinding coffee beans. Instead, you can only use it for blending and chopping items like cheese, meat, and onions.

Step 2: Fill the grinding cup with coffee beans

Take the desired quantity of coffee beans that you want to grind. Fill the magic bullet blender cup with the coffee beans. Afterward, put the cup of the bullet on the power base of the machine. Make sure that the cup is correctly locked in the bottom.

Step 3: Start grinding

Once the cup of the bullet is locked correctly, start grinding the coffee beans. It would be best if you kept pressing the cup in between. To make sure that the beans get ground consistently.

You can grind the coffee beans depending upon whether you want to make French press, drip coffee, or espresso. The bullet can grind coffee beans from coarse or a much finer grind.

There are many benefits of using MagicBullet for grinding coffee. The best thing about it is that the coffee beans stay on the base of the cups. Unlike ordinary blenders, you don’t have to keep flipping the cup as you blend in a magic bullet.

Why shouldn’t you use a magic bullet for grinding coffee beans?

If you are wondering – can I grind coffee in a magic bullet? I have answered before that it is possible to grind coffee beans in a magic bullet. But if you have access to a coffee grinder, go for it instead. It is because, sadly, many food processors, blenders, and even magic bullet don’t do such a great job grinding coffee beans.

A magic bullet is an excellent option for grinding coffee beans if you don’t have any other grinding tool around. With a magic bullet, you may get your coffee grounds to make decent coffee. But don’t expect coffee with an outstanding flavor.

Following are the reasons that make me think twice before using the magic bullet for grinding coffee beans.

The grinds don’t have the same consistency

Just so, like in a regular blender, even a magic bullet sometimes produces inconsistently ground beans. The grinds have a wildly varying texture compared to the grinds from a coffee burr grinder.

Even in a magic bullet, some grinds are properly ground while the others are not even close to grinding.

Also, the grinding time is an essential factor that directly impacts the consistency of the grinds. Grinding coffee in a magic bullet may take some time to reach the desired consistency.

Tend to clump together

Sometimes coffee grounds tend to stick or clump together. It usually happens when the beans get blended for far too long. As a result, you get a finer consistency than required. A coffee ground that gets ground too much makes a very bitter and strong-tasting coffee.

It doesn’t have grind adjustment

The consistency of the coffee grounds depends on the type of coffee that you prefer drinking. Be it French press, drip over, or espresso. All use different grind consistency varying from medium-coarse to fine.

Usually, burr grinders come with different grind adjustments. These help you make coffee of varying tastes, flavors, and richness. But these grind settings are not present in the Magic Bullet.

Final Thoughts

I hope that the information in my article is enough to answer your question – can you grind coffee in a magic bullet?

In a magic bullet using a flat blade, you can end up with a decent consistency of coffee grinds. But it is not enough to give you the ideal texture of coffee grinds to make the perfect cup of coffee.

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