Can You Grind Coffee in Vitamix?- Let’s Find Out

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We all know that Vitamix is best for blending smoothies and preparing drinks. But does it help to grind coffee?

Many users might be thinking about whether they use this powerful mixer blender to grind coffee but have a foggy mind.

If you too have the question in mind, this is the best tool for blending smoothies and grinding coffee beans.

Can You Grind Coffee in Vitamix?

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container, Black - 001372

Vitamix comes with special attachments that grind coffee beans into a smooth powder.

This can be the all-in-one tool for all your needs. In simple terms, you don’t need to buy a separate machine to grind coffee beans.

Vitamix blender is best for grinding coffee beans and everything that you need. This helps to save money and serves as a multifunctional system for you.

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Blender Vs Food Processor: Which is Best for Coffee Beans?

Blender and food processor are best suited for grinding coffee beans. However, the blender provides excellent grinding of the beans.

On the other hand, a food processor is great for processing vegetables and other nuts. This is helpful to create puree, soups, and sauces.

Can Vitamix Grind?

Yes, Vitamix can grind as well. It includes multiple attachments that can be used for multiple purposes, such as grinding and blending.

However, you need to pair it up with the dry container for perfect grinding to achieve a smooth consistency and finely powdered coffee.

Is Vitamix Helpful to Grind Coffee Beans?

Yes, Vitamix comes with multiple attachments that help to grind coffee beans into fine powder.

However, you can also purchase dry coffee bean containers for the Vitamix so that you can grind easily. The dry grain container takes only a few seconds to grind coffee beans.

This helps save a lot of time and effort of grinding coffee with a separate grinder. Vitamix blender is best suited for grinding coffee as it is easy to clean and use.

To get the perfect coffee beans powder, you need to fill the contain and blend it for a few seconds, and here you go!

Which Container is Right for Grinding Coffee Beans?

When it comes to grinding coffee beans in Vitamix, the question is to ask. Which is the right container for grinding coffee beans?

Regular grinders provide decent grinding results, but the dry containers give you the best results.

This is because the bladed dry containers are created opposite to regular grinders that move the ingredients downwards.

This helps to grind the beans easily because the coffee beans are pushed upward for fine grinding.

Moreover, the process will ensure that you get excellent results and smooth grinding of the coffee beans.

The best thing about the dry container is you can also grind popcorns to prepare the cornmeal.

Why Use Vitamix to Grind the Coffee Beans?

Vitamix is a perfect blender to grind the coffee beans because of so many reasons, which are given below:

  • Blades are highly durable and strong to grind the hard grains.
  • The motor of the Vitamix is extremely powerful in blending harsh ingredients such as coffee beans, whole grains, nuts, and spices.
  • The dry container of the Vitamix is BPA-free, and blades can spin at a speed of more than 100 mph.
  • The dry container comes with a vented lid that helps keep the coffee beans inside the container properly. This will help grind the beans without messing with a removable plug.
  • The dry container is enough to grind beans and blend properly.

How to Grind Coffee Beans in The Vitamix?

Grinding coffee beans is very easy with Vitamix. The blender is extremely powerful to grind the coffee beans with ease.

The only thing you are to do is put the dry grains into the blending jars and bend them for a few seconds to get the fine powder.

Moreover, you can select the different speeds to grind the beans finely. The varying speed is helpful to achieve fine grinding.

When you start grinding the coffee beans, make sure to run the machine at Speed 1, and as soon as the coffee beans start grinding, you can turn the high speed. Then, keep on grinding the coffee beans for 10-20 seconds.

This helps to achieve coarse grinding that is used for preparing coffee drinks. You can hold for more seconds to get fine grinding used to make the espresso coffees.

Once you achieve desired consistency, turn off the blender and collect the coffee powder.

After collecting the coffee powder, make sure to clean the blending jar. This helps to keep the blender intact for a longer time. Again, Vitamix is best suited for achieving fine grinding of coffee beans.

What Kind of Coffee Drinks Can Be Prepared by Vitamix? 

Vitamix blender can be your all-in-one solution to meet your all food preparing needs. For example, with this Vitamix, you can easily prepare a different coffee drink.

However, you cannot brew the coffee with Vitamix. But you can make tasty treats and delicious cold coffee with Vitamix.

Put the coffee beans powder into the blender and add cold milk or warm milk. Blend the coffee to achieve a thick consistency.

You can also choose the pre-ground beans to enhance the aroma of the coffee. Vitamix is great for creating the best cold coffee and achieving a thick texture.

Moreover, you can also add the ice chunks with coffee beans to achieve restaurant-style coffee. This is a great solution to get the best coffee at your home with the least effort.

In addition to this, you can prepare different forms of coffee drinks, which are as follows:

  • Espresso 
  • Lattes 
  • Frappuccino’s 
  • Smoothies 
  • Shakes and malts 
  • Coffee milkshakes 
  • And many more 

Different Type of Coffee Beans You Can Grind in Vitamix

You can grind any coffee beans into the Vitamix blender. However, Hawaiian Typica beans can best grind with the Vitamix blender.

The beans comprise balanced flavors and smooth texture, which is why they can easily grind into fine powder.

Is Cleaning the Vitamix Blender Tough?

Cleaning is a big task, especially when cleaning the blender. However, Vitamix has a unique design that is easy to clean, and you can keep it fresh for longer.

To clean the blender jar, you can use mild liquid soap and start cleaning with water. Moreover, you can also use warm water to clean the blender.

Warm water helps to remove the dirt and stains easily from the blender.

Cold Coffee Recipe

You must now consider which kind of coffee drinks you can prepare using the Vitamix blender. So, here we provide the cold coffee recipe, which you can easily prepare by using the Vitamix blender. Let’s first take a closer look at the ingredients this recipe calls for.

  • Coarsely ground coffee beans. 
  • Fresh, toned milk and cream milk 
  • Chocolate syrup (as per taste) 
  • Sugar (as per the taste)
  • Ice cubes 
  • Ice cream (for garnishing) 

Method to Make Cold Coffee

Add all the ingredients into the blender jar. Now, run the blender to achieve a thick consistency.

Once you achieve the thick creamy texture of the coffee, stop the blender.

Next, take a glass, spread chocolate syrup in the glass, and pour the coffee into the glass. You can add more ice if required and serve it immediately.

For garnishing, some people also use ice cream. This is helpful to achieve a thick creamy texture and enhance the flavor of the coffee.


Vitamix is the best for grinding coffee beans and other things. It helps to achieve fine powder as you get in the coffee grinder. However, you need to have a dry container to grind the coffee beans.

With this, you can achieve coarsely ground coffee beans that help make cold coffee and even another form of drinks. In addition to this, we have included a cold coffee recipe which you can prepare at home easily and enjoy.

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