Can You Slice Meat with a Mandolin? – Complete Guide

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Can you slice meat with a mandolin? It is a question that must have crossed your mind! Since cutting meat in perfect slices is no less than an art. But slicing meat is pretty tricky for someone who is not a pro.

Along with picking the right meat for the recipe, you also need to know how to slice meat thinly to perfection. It is essential because some recipes require you to cook meat in perfect slices.

So, if you are not a pro, then you may wonder whether can you slice meat with a mandolin? Yes, you can cut meat using a mandoline slicer. But you need to follow some guidelines and tips to cut meat in thin slices.

Let me remind you that it is almost impossible that you will cut thin meat slices the first time around.

Even with a mandolin meat slicer, you may require some skill to cut thin and perfect meat slices. You may need to prepare your meat accordingly if you want the exact same slices of meat.

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Tips and tricks for using a mandoline for slicing meat

For cutting up thin slices of meat, you need to adjust the mandoline’s blade on the thinnest settings. The setting can be around at least ⅛ inch or thinner. It helps you to cut precise, clean, and thin slices of meat without any problem.

  • Type of Mandoline Blade

Moreover, you can even choose the thickness of the meat that you want to cut depending upon the type of mandoline blade you have. But, mostly mandolines help to cut up meat in the traditional slice style.

  • Placement of meat

To make sure you have control over the meat or any food item you are cutting up in your mandoline. You need to place the slicer perpendicular to the food items and keep your fingers away from the blades. It is best that you wear gloves while using a mandoline.

  • Prepare meat beforehand

In order to cut meat to perfection, you need to do a little preparation beforehand. Just make sure to put the meat 2 to 4 hours before in the fridge. It is an essential step for cutting meat. Since it will make the meat firm enough to cut the meat into super thin slices, also, make sure to cut excess fat off your meat before using it on a mandoline.

A mandoline meat slicer cuts up almost any kind of meat, be it beef or lamb. You can even cut meat in large dice, medium dice, or small dice. These you can use in different ways for preparing several recipes like stir fry and stew.

Things to avoid when using a Mandoline

Mandoline is very useful especially when you are running out of time as you can use it to cut vegetables and fruits. But, mandoline blades are very sharp. These may be super useful for cutting. But, it would be best if you handled it with a little caution as you can easily cut yourself on the sharp blades of a mandoline.

The blades of the mandoline tend to get blunt over time, and you can easily replace these blades. But, try not to cut meat on a mandoline with blunt blades as it can damage the kinds of cut you want to cut your meat. Also, ensure that the meat slicer’s handle is clean, as dirt can cause it to wear down before time.

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Why do people prefer using a Mandoline?

If you plan to roast meat, the best cuts of meat will bring out the flavor of the meat. Resulting in you cooking the meat just according to how your recipe requires it. Using a meat slicer correctly is no less than art that requires some skill to muster. It is the first step on your journey to becoming a master chef.

A mandoline is an excellent investment, especially for household use. It can cut, slice, chop, grate almost anything and everything. Even if you are a newbie or a pro, a mandoline is a handy device. It is sure to give you countless benefits in the kitchen.

You can find many different mandoline slicers with various features having several blades for multi-uses. The size of a mandoline slicer you get depends on the purpose you are getting it for and the meat portion you intend to work on.

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Meat Slicer vs Mandoline

In comparison to meat slicers, mandolines are fit for household use. Though, using a meat slicer, you can quickly get different types of the meat cut. But it is not as handy and easy to use as a mandoline. Plus, it comes with hefty maintenance that is feasible when used at a commercial level.

Also, meat slicers tend to have a much bigger footprint than a practical and efficient design of a mandoline. But if you are looking to slice meat daily to make Japanese hotpots, then getting a mandoline is a far better option. But, you need to handle a mandoline with caution and skill.

In comparison to meat slicers, mandolines are a much better and more economical solution. A mandoline is available at an affordable price and offers a variety of options for cutting up meat and many different food items.

Can you use a mandoline to slice cooked meat?

It is a challenging feat to use a mandoline to slice cooked meat. In comparison, a mandoline works better on frozen uncooked meat rather than for slicing cooked meat. Even if you use par frozen cooked meat on your mandoline. The friction on the meat and the muscle fibers in the meat can cause it to shred.

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Final Thoughts

Without any doubt, I can say that a mandoline slicer is a very handy investment in a specific budget. It is just perfect for cutting and slicing up meat. You can even get different types of cuts using a mandoline using the other blades and attachments that come with it. It offers a quick and efficient way of cutting up almost anything.

The versatility of a mandoline makes it a very popular choice in many households. At first glance, it may look a bit overwhelming to use. But let me assure you with time and regular use, you can learn how to use a mandoline.

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