Difference Between Canadian Bacon and Ham | Detailed Guide

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The difference between Canadian bacon and ham is that both come from different parts of a pig. Canadian bacon may look like ham, but it’s not the case. Both are, in fact, very different from each other.

Still, confused? Don’t be, as I will clear all the confusion between Canadian bacon and ham.

What is Canadian bacon vs ham?

Canadian Bacon and Ham may look very similar to each other at first. It makes many people wonder if Canadian bacon and ham are the same things?

But it is not the case. Both differ from each other, though they may have a very similar taste. The difference between Canadian bacon and ham is the way the meat gets cut and its texture.

The meat from the pig’s back legs, especially the tights and rear, is where Ham comes from. At the same time, Canadian Bacon comes from the back or a loin cut of a pig. 

Why is Canadian bacon called Canadian bacon? 

Canadian bacon got its name back in the 1800s when there was a shortage of pork meat. Therefore, meat got imported from Canada to the UK.

It is actually a name that people in America call bacon that comes cured, cooked, or baked.

Though, people in Canada don’t use the term “Canadian Bacon” anymore. It’s rather referred to as “back bacon” or “peameal bacon” in Canada. 

Uses of Canadian Bacon

Canadian Bacon is a popular dish in the USA and is fairly popular in many different parts of the world. The Canadian bacon comes cut in circular slices.

It has a very distinct juicy taste and is normally used for breakfast, very different from normal bacon’s crunchy texture.

You can even try out different recipes to use Canadian Bacon in many ways. It makes a perfect topping for pizza or a scrumptious side along with scrambled eggs. 

Uses of Ham

Ham gets made commercially and undergoes several procedures for preparation. It is smoked, cured or baked. You can easily find different types of ham at your local grocery or meat store.

Ham goes well at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can even use different types and cuts of ham for making different recipes.

Just put in a slice of ham between two pieces of bread to make a sandwich or you can even make a soup with ham.

Is Canadian bacon healthy? 

Canadian bacon is comparatively a healthy option to consider the different varieties of bacon available.

The Canadian bacon strips get made from lean meat. That’s why it has a lower amount of calories.

One ounce of Canadian bacon has roughly about 30 calories, having less than 1 gram of fat. While in comparison, one ounce of normal bacon has about 10 to 12 grams of fat.  

How much protein in Canadian Bacon?

The protein content in Canadian bacon is about 21 grams in one serving, which is about 20 percent of the daily recommended protein intake.

But, like normal bacon, Canadian bacon also contains a high amount of Sodium. If you want to eat healthy with less fat and high protein Candian bacon is a much better option.

Besides, the juicy and tender taste of Canadian Bacon makes it a popular choice.

Is ham healthy?

Ham is not really a healthy option to have regularly, especially if you are on a diet or trying to eat healthily. But, if you have it occasionally and consume a specific type of ham, then you have nothing to worry about.

Ham has a healthy amount of protein and iron, but it all depends on the type of ham you are having.

Different ham types have different nutrition percentages. Like lean deli, ham comes with a very low fat content and has a very delicious taste.

Normally works perfectly for making sandwiches, but here is the catch, it contains an outrageous amount of sodium. In comparison, cured ham steaks may have a low calcium and potassium amount. But comes saturated with fat compared to deli ham. 

How much protein in a slice of ham?

Ham is known for having a high protein content. In a 3-ounce serving of ham, there are about 21 grams of protein. Along with a healthy amount of proteins, ham also contains a fairly good amount of all the essential amino acids.

Final Thoughts

The difference between Canadian bacon and ham is that both come from different parts of a pig. Also, both have very different textures though they may have a very similar look to each other.

Canadian bacon is normally prepared at home by curing, smoking, cooking the meat, and cutting it in slices. While ham is prepared after undergoing many different procedures, it gets salted, cured, smoked, and finally cut. 

Candian bacon only has one single type, while ham comes in many different types and cuts. It is a popular breakfast, or brunch food served soft and tender in slices.

While ham is all time meal, it comes in normal slices, paper-thin slices, chunks, or even whole. Comparatively, Canadian bacon has more protein content; it also has low carbohydrates and fats having fewer calories than ham.

On the other hand, Ham has a high content of vitamin C and calcium, but it comes with a high sodium content compared to Canadian bacon. 

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