Does Blending Vegetables Destroy Nutrients?

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Smoothies and juices are a huge part of our breakfast and snacks. If you are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important to have smoothies as a part of your daily routine.

It helps us develop immunity, and also it is very beneficial for health. But above all, it is essential to know that does blending vegetables destroy nutrients.

So, here I will try my best to answer all the related questions in the best possible way.

Does blending destroy nutrients is a widely discussed topic across the world? So, logically when we take in food, we chew it. Similarly, the same work is done by a blender. Blending vegetable breakdown the fiber.

This fiber holds millions of nutrients that can be absorbed by the body. However, vegetable blending does not let the vegetables lose their nutrients but, juicing vegetables do.

Blended vegetables are a good way of increasing protein intake. While preparing a smoothie, the amount of fiber present in the vegetables remains the same. In fact, blending vegetables makes it a lot easier to digest vegetables.

Blending Vegetables vs Eating Whole

Comparison between blending vegetables and eating whole can be a very difficult task to do. Blending vegetables and then drinking them maximize the nutrients present in the vegetable. It makes the digestion process a lot easier for the body.

By blending, the stomach does not do the hard work of blending the vegetables themselves. However, in eating whole vegetables, chewing food becomes easy without choking.

The more vegetables we chew, the more fibers are broken and absorbed into our bodies. These fibers release more and more nutrients and help in the digestion of food.

Importance Of Having A High Fiber Diet

A high fiber diet is one that contains fibers in high amounts. So, you can have an idea about your diet. Normally, 30 to 38 grams of fiber is recommended for men, and for women, 21 to 25 gram of fibers are recommended.

A high fiber diet reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Also, they regulate cholesterol and maintain optimum blood pressure. Food such as lentils, black beans, oats, barley, apples, oranges, and sweet potatoes, etc, contain a high amount of fiber.

Does Blending Destroy Insoluble Fibers?

To slow down the process of digestion for more release of sugar in our body, Solubles and insoluble fibers work together. For the breakdown of insoluble fibers, blending is done. This makes more release of glucose into the liver and blood sugar. So, it does not necessarily mean that insoluble fibers are destroyed by blending.

Now that you have a clear vision about nutrients and fibers not getting destroyed by blending, you are free to have blended vegetables as a part of your daily routine.

Benefits Of Insoluble Fibers

Once insoluble fibers enter the digestive system they retain the maximum amount of water. As they are made of cellulose and lignin molecules, diseases just like Constipation, hemorrhoids, and colorectal cancer can be prevented, by using insoluble fibers in our diet.

Advantages Of Blending Vegetables

For staying healthy and fit, it is essential to have large quantities of green vegetables in our diet.

Blending vegetables together for preparing smoothies is a great way to add green vegetables to your diet. It reduces hunger and also makes it a lot easier to consume more vegetables without worrying about gaining weight.

Blending vegetables retain fiber and keep the food items intact. Smoothies are a great example of blended vegetables. For reducing the risk of chronic diseases, and improving digestion vegetable blend can be taken in a daily routine.

For a less time-consuming breakdown of food, the vegetables are blended and taken. Also, it gives you a wide range of including new vegetables in your diet. This can give you more vitamins and minerals in your diet. Smoothies have more antioxidants, which makes absorbing nutrients and fiber easy.

Disadvantages Of Blending Vegetables

Many fruits and vegetables contain a lot of calories. So, if you are concerned about the calorie count then getting vegetables together and having them might become a problem for you. Also, one problem that may occur is carbohydrates overload which is not a good thing. Blending Vegetables is a time-consuming process, which is yet another problem.

Final Thoughts

By now, I hope you have a clear idea about does blending vegetables destroy nutrients or not. This will help you prepare for smoothies for yourself in the best possible way. Also, it will help you know about high fiber food materials.

There is no doubt that blending vegetables is easy. Also, they are healthy and deliver nutrients fully.

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