How To Clean Stove top With Vinegar – Easy Steps 2022

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Vinegar is a blunt weapon to clean stove tops. You don’t need any chemical to your stove top when you have white vinegar at home. This blunt weapon will help you to get rid of smut from the stove.

The stove top should be clean as new. It is good for your physical health. There are always bacteria present on the grimy surfaces.

cleaning a gas stovetop

So we all should make this habit of clean a gas stove top every day. At least we should wipe out the stovetop with a wet microfiber towel every night. But make sure you deep clean the stove top every week.

Everyone has their schedules for cooking. Sometimes some kind of chunk falls on the stove and they get stuck with the stove.

Everyone faces these kinds of problems like grime on the stovetop, stubborn stains of sauces, oil, etc.

A clean stove makes you feel more comfortable while cooking. But it depends on what type of stove you have. Clean your stove with all the instructions given in a manual of your appliance.

But now you don’t have to go to the market to buy a cleaner. Homemade cleaning solutions are easier to make and advantageous for cleaning a gas stove.

White vinegar solution doesn’t take a lot of effort and time to get ready. After using this, your stove will shine as you just purchase it from the market.

Your stove will shine I promise!

In this article, I will be telling you how to clean a stove top with vinegar. Excited? You better be!


  • Spray bottle
  • A large bucket
  • Container
  • Smooth Sponge
  • White Vinegar
  • Warm water
  • Microfiber towel
  • Scraper
  • Spoon.

How To Make Solution:

Congratulation! Now you don’t need to rush to the market. You just head to your pantry. 

Collect your things first!

Take out an empty cup. Fill water in it. Microwave a cup of water at least for 30 sec. Put half cup white vinegar in it, then mix it well. 

And let it cool for some time. Make sure that the spray bottle is immaculate already. Then fill your spray bottle with this mixture. 

And your solution for cleaning a gas stovetop is ready.

After spraying on it you can sprinkle some baking soda on the stovetop as well it will make your stove shinier.

You can use this spray every day. This mixture will help you to disinfect all germs in your kitchen. Instead of spending your banknotes at expensive things, this will help you a lot within your budget.

Pathway Of Cleaning Stovetops:

Before heading towards the gas stovetop cleaning. Do not forget to read the instructions given in your stove book.

Firstly you have to check the knobs of your stove. knobs should be off. If your stove has the disc, then lift to remove them. Then make sure that the stovetop is cooled completely. Remove the grates and put them in the newspaper. You can put grates in warm water for a few minutes. 

Soak the parts of your stovetop in warm water with white vinegar for 20-30 minutes. You can scrub them with an unusable toothbrush.

Rinse all the parts and let them dry. You can use a microfiber towel for a reputable finish.

Then come on the stovetop again. Spray a mixture on the stovetop and rub it with a smooth sponge. Make sure that your sponge is not brassy at all.

If there’s any stubborn residue on the top then you can use a smooth scraper to scrap that. But be careful!

Clean it finely with a sponge then take a plan wet towel and wipe your stovetop with it. Then reassemble all the parts. 

Enjoy cooking your food on a shiny stove. And you will love to go to the kitchen many times in a day when your stove will be shining.

How Many Times In A Week You Should Clean A Stovetop:

Although we should clean our appliances every day and this would be in our schedule to clean a gas stove every night.

But due to some reason few people usually forget to deep clean their gas stovetop. But they don’t have to fret because it is not necessary to deep clean a stovetop every day.

But it depends upon how often you cook. If you love to cook in a neat and clean environment then you should clean your stove every two days. 

You can deep clean your stovetop once a week. But don’t forget to wipe up with a damp cloth every day. It will make your kitchen bacteria free and you will eat healthy food every day.

Cleaning Caps:

Before cleaning burner caps make sure that it is cool. Then spray a white vinegar solution on the caps and wipe with a microfiber towel.

You don’t need to spend your money on expensive cleaners when you are making this mixture at home. You will only need a few things which are already present in your pantry.

You will find each requirement in your home. To know about the things you required for a solution, read the mentioned above necessitate.

Don’t Do This While Cleaning Stove:

  • Make sure your stovetop has no utensils on it. 
  • Make sure the stove is cool.
  • Do not scrape any stubborn residue harshly.
  • Try to use a microfiber towel for wiping.
  • Do not use tap water to mix the mixture 
  • Don’t use a harsh tool like a knife, scissors, spatula, etc.


By now, I hope you are very much clear that how to clean stove top with vinegar. This is the safest and finest stratagem to clean your stove and make it shiny as a new one.

It will prevent you from any kind of infected germs or bacteria. Then you can enjoy your healthy food.

With the help of this article, you will know the essential things you require for cleaning a gas stovetop. And how to make a solution for this with vinegar and warm water.

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