How To Cook Rice in a Stovetop Pressure Cooker

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I am wondering who doesn’t love rice. I would love to eat rice every day. And when I am telling you this is the best way to cook rice I own it. 

Cook rice in a pressure cooker is the easiest way to prepare a meal in a short time. Also, if I have to prepare something else for my guest then I don’t have to keep my eye on it every time. 

You will love it when I tell you in this article how to cook rice in a stovetop pressure cooker and you will be amazed. Read till the end!

Tips (Cook Rice in Stovetop Pressure Cooker)

  • Always rinse your rice in water before putting it in the pressure cooker
  • Put rice according to your need into the pressure cooker.
  • Add water according to the quantity of the rice.
  • You can add any liquid for flavor, for instance, chicken or vegetable broth.
  • Lock the cooker with the lid. 
  • Read the instructions in the given manual.
  • Set the stove and turn on the flame and set the burner until the cooker indicates high pressure.
  • Lower the heat when the cooker gets on high pressure.
  • To release the natural pressure off your burner and wait for 3 mins.
  • After natural release, open up the lid and ooze the rice.
  • Pour out your rice from the pot on the dish.

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How Many Whistles Are Necessary for Rice in a Pressure Cooker?

2 whistles are ideal to make rice in a pressure cooker. Never open up the lid suddenly. Always release naturally to make it perfect. 

Also, always use medium flame for 2-3 whistles then you can keep your flame low for other whistles. 

How To Make Steam Rice in the Pressure Cooker?

Put water in the pot then add salt and rice in the water. Then stir it. Lock the lid with the cover and cook it at high pressure for 3 minutes. 

When the pressure cooker gives you, a signal turns it off and use natural pressure for natural release and you can do it for 10 minutes. 

Advantages And Disadvantages of Pressure Cooker


  • Take less time
  • Create less mess
  • Gives more nutrition to food
  • The kitchen will stay cool
  • Pressure cooker store food for a long time
  • Time saver
  • Energy saver
  • Closed system
  • Safe


  • Need practice
  • You won’t check your food frequently
  • Expensive
  • Only for a few dishes
  • Overcooked your food

Precautions For Pressure Cooker

As we know whenever we are in the kitchen, we all should be cautious. Yeah, kitchen equipment is susceptible to use, so we have to take care of them and ourselves as well. 

We all have to remember some of the precautions before using the pressure cooker. 

  • Follow the manual instruction
  • Always take care of frothy foods
  • Release your pressure cooker safely
  • Keep your eye on it
  • Lower the heat pressure after sometime
  • Measure liquid finely
  • Never put too much food or liquid in a pressure cooker
  • Clean your pressure cooker after every use

What Size Pressure Cooker for Rice?

Although there are a lot of different sizes of the pressure cooker it depends on how many people you have to cook for. Also, it depends on how much rice you’re taking to cook. 

For instance, if you used to cook 1-4 cups of dry rice which is about 250 ml then the cooker size should be 1.5. And if you used to cook 300 ml rice then size 2 would be the best choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How To Cook Brown Rice in a Stovetop Pressure Cooker?

To cook brown rice under a pressure cooker you have to add some more water than normal. Pressure cooker brown rice has some next-level taste.

Add brown rice to the pot with the fresh water in a measured amount. Start your stove on medium flame. Once you see bubbles in the water, convert your medium flame to low then cover the pressure and cook for 20-25 mins and enjoy!!

How To Cook Jasmine Rice in a Stovetop Pressure Cooker?

Jasmine rice is the most commonly used rice in every home. My mama and my aunt love to cook Jasmine rice at every gathering. Yeah, it is the foremost thing to eat-in lunch and dinner.

Soak rice in water for 20-30 minutes depending upon the members you’re making the rice for. Never add a lot of water, it will break rice and never give them a beautiful look. 

Take 1 cup jasmine rice and 1-⅓ cup of water. Rinse the rice then drain it. Add jasmine rice with ⅓ cup of water to a cooker then cover it with the lid. Let the water be boiled also, it will take a few minutes. 

Lower the heat and let the rice simmer for 10 minutes. Once water is absorbed, turn off the heat and leave the pressure cooker for 10-15 minutes for natural release. 

Uncover your pressure cooker and ooze the rice with the help of the fork. Enjoy!!

How To Cook Basmati Rice in a Stovetop Pressure Cooker?

There’s nothing difficult about cooking basmati rice in a pressure cooker. All you have to do is follow some important steps. Soak the basmati rice in water for at least 30 minutes. 

Before putting it in the pressure cooker drain it well. After that add salt and ½ cups of water to rice. Mix them and wait for 2 whistles. 

Before removing the lid from the cooker make sure it releases naturally. 

You will feel healthy trust me because it will save your nutrition and energy as well. Now enjoy your meal!

How Do We Use a Stovetop Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cookers are in everyone’s house. Indeed, this is an integral part of the kitchen for everyone. Also, a pressure cooker is easy to use yet versatile.

You can use pressure in different cooking ways. For instance, you can cook any kind of gravy, meat, and yeah also rice. Moreover, a pressure cooker is used easily let me tell you how.

Always remember pressure cookers will save you ⅓ of time also, it saves nutrition. You just have 1-½ cup of any liquid or broth with rice. 

Fill maximally ½ part of the cooker for beans and grains and other things fill ⅔. Then close your cooker with the lid.

Position the setting valve correctly then select the pressure of the cooker, turn the heat to high. When you see the bubbles, they release naturally for 10 minutes then turn the heat to low.

At lower heat, you can start your timer for cooking. Keep your hands and fingers away from the cooker it may cause burn. Also, make sure that you have locked your pressure cooker finely.

What Should Be the Ratio of Water to Rice?

Usually, it depends on how much quantity of rice you’re taking. Furthermore, I take 2 cups of water for white and brown rice. Also, you can stir some water and rice into the saucepan. 

Why Do We Rinse Rice?

Rinsing rice means you’re removing debris and surface starch and making it fluffy. Rice absorbs water and will give you a perfectly delicious meal.

If you rinse your rice in water then it will never clump together. Also, keep your rice in water until the water gets clear.

At last, I would love to tell you that it will give the best texture, and a better taste. 

How Long Does Rice Take Time to Cook in a Pressure Cooker?

Yeah, this is a most considering question: how long does rice take to cook in a pressure cooker? Rice will take 3 minutes to cook well.

Then you can remove the pressure cooker from the heat and let it release it naturally at least for 10 minutes.

Moreover, there are different types of rice as I mentioned above. But there’s not a big difference between them. All you have to take care of the measurements but they have different timings. 

Can We Use a Pressure Cooker to Brown Food?

A big yes on it. You can brown meat, and saute vegetables very nicely in the cooker. But you won’t have some of the things in the pressure cooker. For instance, bread, cookies, thickeners, and cut meat.


The foremost question of this nation is clear now how to cook rice in a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker is an easy, time-saving, and energy-saving equipment to use in the kitchen.

As I told you that it will save nutrition and lock them in the lid as well. Other than that you have to be very careful while you’re cooking in a pressure cooker.

Also, you can cook white, and brown rice in the pressure cooker. White rice is always delicious but the pressure cooker brown rice is also very delicious when you cook them in the pressure cooker.

Always keep in your mind that before opening the lid always allow your pressure cooker for natural release. 

I have mentioned everything about cooking rice in a pressure cooker and a recipe for a stovetop pressure cooker in this article. Enjoy your meal!

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